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Softener Cationic Softeners

Product Name Properties / Uses
Finox CS flakes An economical hot water soluble cationic softener for imparting extremely fluffy feel, along with good durability.
Finox CWS Flakes Cold water soluble cationic softener in flakes form.
Finox TTR / TTRW / SRF Hydrophilic Cationic softener for terry towels and knits to improve absorbency and impart a soft handle. It can be applied by exhaust or padding techniques.
Finox ROM An economical cationic softener for fabric & garments.
Finox DM /Silsoft An excellent modified cationic softener imparting smooth; fluffy and high surface softness, mainly for knits.
Finox Maxsoft Modified cationic softener to impart overall softness to yarn & fabrics with no change in tone of dyed fabrics.
Finox LFNY Premium Specially developed, modified cationic softener with low-foam, non - yellowing tendency, suitable for whites & pastel shades.
Finox SWP New Cationic softener for better wash fastness suitable for all substrate.
Finox LFNY Specially developed, modified cationic softener with excellent softness & handle with low-foam combined with least yellowing tendency, suitable for whites & pastel shades.
Finox SFC Amphoteric Softener
A newly modified, non-yellowing amphoteric softener which produces excellent surface smoothness and lasting soft feel coupled with inner softness.
Finox NIS Flakes Non-ionic Softeners
An economical non-ionic Softener Flakes with excellent softness & fluffy feel.
Finox FNIS Ultra / NIF Excellent non-ionic softener in paste form and imports soft finish of garments and denim.

Leaders in the manufacture of economical Hydrophilic Cationic & Non-ionic softeners for the textile industry.

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