Pre - Treatment Process

Wetting agents cum Detergents

Product Name Properties / Uses
Finocon FBOL / POL A highly efficient scouring agent for 100% polyester and their Blends with high alkali-stability, to produce soft feel when added to the weight reduction baths.
Finocon 10X / 21X High power, low-foam, APEO free, wetting agent & detergent for both exhaust and continuous method.
Finocon MFN Premium High power, low-foam, APEO free, wetting agent & detergent for continuous preparation.
Finocon WK conc An economical, nonionic, APEO free wetting agent.
Finocon 4X / X55 A versatile scouring and stain remover on woven and hosiery fabrics.
Finocon 123 New An APEO free, low foaming nonionic wetting agent suitable for softflow machines.
Finocon L.D.Paste A versatile detergent with wetting and dispersing properties in scouring of polyester, cotton and washing off raw wool.
Finocon KRC An excellent scouring cum stain removing agent especially for graphite stains on polyester & its blends.
Biotex NELA All in one multifunctional product for pretreatment process reduces caustic dosage and process time
Biotex LTB Low temperature (75⁰- 80⁰C) wetting cum scouring agent retain fiber/ yarn strength also saves peroxide & stabilizer
Bioclay / Finocon CL33 Clay based all-in-one pretreatment product which includes scouring agent, lubricant and stabiliser and sequestering as well.
Finocon WDR MI14530 / 1485 Wetting cum dearating agent specially for Denim
Finoclean SW An excellent high performance liquid scouring agent for wool.
Finocon LTX HP A highly efficient pretreatment product, It is environment-friendly for not containing APEO. The product has the functions of scouring, emulsifying, penetrating, bleaching and dispersing.

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