Sequestering Agents

Sequestering Agents


Diquest S

Sequestering agent having neutral pH, specially suitable for cotton dyeing with Reactive & Vat Dyes

Sequestering agent having acidic pH, specially suitable for polyester dyeing with Disperse Dyes at high temperature and very good iron chelating powder.

  • What are dye fixing agents and what the functions of dye fixing agents are?
    Dye fixing agents are chemicals that are added to textile finishing processes to improve the color fastness of dyed fabrics. These agents work by forming a bond between the dye molecules and the fabric fibers, which helps to lock in the dye and prevent it from fading or bleeding. The functions of dye fixing agents include:
    1. Improving color fastness: Dye fixing agents help to improve the color fastness of fabrics by locking in the dye molecules and preventing them from fading or bleeding.
    2. Enhancing durability: By improving the color fastness of fabrics, dye fixing agents can also help to enhance the durability and longevity of the final product.
    3. Enhancing the appearance of the fabric: Fabrics that have been treated with dye fixing agents are less likely to fade or change color over time, which can help to maintain the appearance of the fabric.
    4. Reducing environmental impact: By reducing the amount of dye that is released during washing or other cleaning processes, dye fixing agents can help to reduce the environmental impact of textile production.
    5. Increasing efficiency: Dye fixing agents can also help to increase the efficiency of textile production by reducing the need for repeated dyeing and washing cycles.
    Overall, dye fixing agents are an important tool in textile production, especially for fabrics that require strong color fastness. By improving the durability and appearance of fabrics while also reducing environmental impact, these agents can help to enhance the quality and performance of the final product. Fineotex is the biggest manufacturer of "Dyeing Fixing Agents"