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R & D Facility

The facilities and resources we have are amongst the finest ones in this industry. Our company is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and we keep updating ourselves through in-house R & D. We undertake constant development measures through in-house R & D to stand up with the growing requirements of our clients.

We have up-to-date laboratories with all kinds of modern equipments like Brookefield viscometers refractometers and other equipments like pilot vessels to take trial R & D batches. We have the best testing facilities and application equipments to perform pre-treatment, Dyeing Process,Printing Process and Finishing Process trial to evaluate the product’s performance.

We have an experienced and technically qualified team, which is striving round the clock to develop and improve upon the product features by incorporating the latest technology and by developing new speciality as well as cost effective products, which will in turn add value to our products.

R & D is vital for Textile auxiliaries & chemicals to ensure they meet a customer’s requirements.