Dyeing Process

Washing Off Agents

Product Name Properties / Uses
Diquest SNA Polymeric compound with protective colloidal & sequestering property. They bind the impurities, prevent redeposition and improve fastness and give brilliancy on white goods.
Diquest AP 274 Efficient reactive washing off detergent with special reference to remove silicate from dyed fabrics and gums from printed fabrics.
Finowash RL Reactive washing off agent in acid medium, thereby reducing one process of neutralization, leading to saving in utility costs and time.
Finocon SSWX Highly effective single bath soaping agent for substrate dyed and printed with reactive dyes.
Finocon 6065 W A special soaping agent for Reactive Dyes for dyeing & printing process highly effective at 60-70 oC.
Finocon RDP An efficient dispersent and protective colloid, chelating agent for all stages in processing especially washing-off agent for Reactive dyed & printed fabrics,in powder form.
Finocon ADXX Premium Highly effective 4 times concentrated soda ash substitute in powder form, for fixation of all types of Reactive & sulphur yes on cellulosics
Finocon RESA New An economical efficient Resist salt substitute for printing and dyeing process

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