Finocon CAZ Premium

Finocon CAZ Premium

FINOCON CAZ PREMIUM is a high active emulsifier with anti-crease properties that eliminates problems associated with residual tough oils, fats, silicone and wax from yarn and fabric made from cellulose, polyester, polyamide, elastane blends. Speciality emulsifier and friction controller


Appearance                                :         pale yellow liquid

Ionic Nature                                  :           Anionic

pH  (1% solution)                          :           6.0  –  8.5

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C           :           1.10 ±0.10


    • In case of terry towels, its lubrication property minimizes the weight loss in pretreatment & dyeing process, thus cost advantage.
    • Fabric without spot or stains or creases.
    • No need for additional dye bath lubricants.
    • Applicable in pre-treatment, dye bath and after treatment.
    • No restraining effect and unpleasant fumes during drying.
    • Suitable for all types of equipment and short to long liquor ratios, including jet and package dyeing machines.
    • Makes possible scour-dye techniques on 100% polyester.
    • Enhances the heat setting efficiency making fabric more stable for processing.
    • Improves stain removal after heat setting, particularly on difficult fiber types like micro fibers or elastane blends.
    • In case of Terry Towels, due to the friction between fabric & various parts of the machine, as well as fabric-fabric friction, leading to the breakage of piles, resulting in weight loss.
    •  It being lubricant in nature minimizes this problem resulting in savings as the towels are being sold on weight basis & not in meters.
    • Controls fabric-to-machine and yarn-to-yarn frictions thus prevents rope marks, creasing, abrasion, chafing and barre for almost all types of substrates made from cellulosic, polyester, polyamide, micro fiber and elastane blends.
    • Easy opening of the fabric rope and displacement of folds during wet processing.
    • Excellent emulsifying agent for residual oils, waxes, silicone and fats, and eliminates spots resulting from such impurities..
    • Extremely stable to alkali (300grams/liter caustic soda) and to high electrolyte concentration.
    • The excellent emulsifying and soil suspending properties make it an efficient scour-dye agent with disperse dyes on 100% polyester
  • The emulsifying and lubricating properties prevent oils and stains from burning into fabric and improve the heat setting efficiency during setting.

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