Finolube PP

Finolube PP

Finolube PP is a preparation and dyebath lubricant to prevent rope marks, creasing and abrasion in Polyester &cellullosic fabrics and minimise tendency of colour streakiness in winch/jet machines; it is also an efficient one-bath scour-dye anti-crease auxiliary for jet one-bath scour-dye anti crease auxiliary for jet processing of polyester.


Appearance                                         :               Off-White to White powder

Ionic Nature                                      :           Non-ionic


  • Promotes opening of the fabric rope and displacement of

folds or creases in cellulosics and polyester.


  • Acts as a lubricant when the fabric rubs against itself or

machine parts, and eliminates yarn/fibre abrasion.


  • Has no restraining effect on dyes.
  • is highly stable to caustic alkali and to high electrolyte concentration making it ideal for application of all dyes on cellulosic fibres& their blends.
  • Has excellent emulsifying properties for residual oils, waxes and fats, and enables a single-bath scour-dye process for 100% polyester.
  • Is non foaming and facilitates smooth running in jet machines with higher machine loading at shorter liquor ratios.
  • Meets EEC legislation for biodegradability-Biodegradability 83% DOC Removal (Bioeliminiation by modified OECD 301C test, DOC Analysis).

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