Finocon DISP

Finocon DISP

  FINOCON DISP is high performance dispersing agent designed to aid disperse dye baths     where the electrolyte concentrations are high.


Appearance                                                    :           Dark brown liquid

Ionic Nature                                                    :           Anionic

pH  (1% solution)                                           :           5.0  –  7.0

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C                        :           1.15  ± 0.10



  • Prevents agglomeration of dyestuff during the heating and cooling stages, ensuring level
  • Suitable for one bath dyeing of polyester / cellulosic blends due to improved dispersion stability in presence of
  • High efficacy makes it effective at low concentrations
  • During machine cleaning and reduction clearing operation produces cleaner machines with yarn / fabric having superior fastness
  • Produces even results without the problem of specs or deposits

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