Finofix NFE / 4231

Finofix NFE / 4231

Formaldehyde free fixative for dyeing and prints with direct and reactive dyes by exhaust and continuous methods.



Appearance                                         :           Colorless Liquid

Ionic Nature                           :           Cationic

pH (1% solution)                                 :           6.0–  8.0

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C             :           1.13 ±0.10


  • Gives direct and reactive dyeing and prints excellent domestic laundering fastness and very good we1l-fastness properties.
  • Gives better dye fixing results compared to normal dye fixing agents manufactured from formaldehyde with respect to tone/colour changes & bleeding of dyes.
  • It has only minimal influence on the light fastness of the dyeing.
  • Releases no formaldehyde either on the goods or in the fixation bath.

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