Finofix NFYT / NFY

Finofix NFYT / NFY

Non –Formaldehyde based Dye fixing agent.


Appearance                                         :           Pale yellow Liquid

Ionic Nature                                        :           Cationic

pH  (1% solution )                               :           7.0  –  9.0

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C             :           1.10 ± 0.10


  • No formaldehyde is used
  • Ideally suited for fixation treatment after rinsing stage so as to reduce bleeding of direct and reactive dyes.
  • It gives much better Dye fixing results compared to normal Dye fixing agents manufactured from Formaldehyde in relation to tone / colour change & bleeding of
  • Bleeding of colour during washing of Direct and Reactive dyed goods is a well known phenomenon mainly because of loosely held dyestuffs in the case of former and loosely held hydrolysed dyestuffs in the case of the
  • Conventional dye fixing agents generally available in market are Formaldehyde based condensation products which contains free formaldehyde. Due to persistent demand from a consumers and stringent ECO friendly restriction for exporters, a new Eco-friendly dye fixing agent which does not contain any formaldehyde is developed

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