Biotex CT 22

Biotex CT 22

Appearance light yellowish emulsion
Ionicity Anionic
Stability Compatible with anionic and nonionic materials
Incompatible with cationic products and alkali

Solubility Dissolves in water
Storage One year storage time when temperature = 0-40°C and avoid light.


  • To Wash offthe adsorptive reactive dyes/disperse dyeson polyester and cotton fiber inone bath (wash fastness can be improved).
  • The process is shorter because reduction clearing is not needed.
  • Water and Energy are also reduced.
  • APEO free


This product is used for Polyester/cotton knitted fabric dyeing process. By using Biotex CT22 in the washing off process reduction clearing between the polyester disperse dyeing and the cotton reactive dyeing the can be eliminated.

1) Dyeing process: No need to reduction clear was
130 ̊

60 ̊

Reactive dye salt Alkali

Disperse dye X%
Leveling Buffer
80 ̊

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Cold wash
60 ̊C

Cold wash

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2) Washing process

Biotex CT22 1-2g/L


60 ̊
Hot wash 85 ̊

If needed, one more CT22 wash
High electrolyte Concentration or pH>8 can make Biotex CT22 break down,
so cold washand neutralize before Biotex CT22 wash is needed
Biotex CT22 should not be used in Alkali conditions
Before adding Biotex CT22,please ensure no alkali,
low DP and softener are left in the dyeing tank.
Ensure there are no cationic materials on fabric before
Biotex CT22 is added (suchas fixing agent for cotton and
For the high level color fastness requirements please do lab tests