Finocon RDP ECO / RDP

Finocon RDP ECO / RDP

FINOCON RDP ECO is efficient dispersent (protective colloid), chelating agent for all stages in processing especially washing-off detergent for Reactive dyed & printed fabrics.


Appearance                   :           White Powder

  Ionic Nature               :           Anionic


FINOCON RDP ECO exhibits excellent dispersing effect on Raw Cotton impurities (Waxes &Pectinates) and on the precipitates caused due to hard water. FINOCON RDP ECO also has moderate chelating effect on metal ions. Consequently FINOCON RDP ECO eliminates the adverse effect of Calcium and Mg++ ions on the solubility of anionic dyes and their affinity to cellulosics.

  • FINOCON RDP ECO has limited chelating potential, insufficient to remove metal ions form metal complex dye hence it does not impair the shade and fastness properties of dyeing

obtained with reactive and direct, metal complex dyes.

  • FINOCON RDP ECO is non foaming.

Prepare 30% solution of FINOCON RDP ECOfor following application:

  1. Dyeing Cotton with Vat Dyes: High concentrations of Ca+++ and Mg++ ions in grey cotton are responsible for substantial losses in colour yield obtainable using vat dyes. FINOCON RDP ECO by virtue of its chelating property prevents any colour yield losses in liquors of low to moderate hardness (150 mg Ca++/litr). (If water is of greater hardness then a stronger chelating agent will be necessary).
  2. Dyeing Cotton with Reactive & Direct Dyes : If the water is hard, calcium carbonates may be precipitated during the dyeing of raw cotton with reactive and direct dyes. FINOCON RDP ECO is 1a very effective dispersant for the calcium carbonate thus formed and maintains it in a finely dispersed state. As a result, opalescence of the dyeing liquor is avoided.
  1. Another factor in favour of FINOCON RDP ECO in this application is its moderate chelating effect. It thus suppresses the formation of calcium salts of reactive dyes hydrolysates that are difficult to wash out. Thus FINOCON RDP ECO offers many advantages over strong, purely chelating agents based on EDTA and NTA.

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