Finocon SSWX

Finocon SSWX

FINOCON SSWX is a highly effective soaping agent for polyamide dyeing and printing helps to reduce back staining of dyes and improves soaping fastness also can be used for reactive dyeing.


Appearance                                :           Clear colourless Liquid

pH  (1% solution )                     :           5.0  –  7.0

Ionic nature                                 :            Cationic

Solubility                                     :            Soluble in water

Compatibility                              :           Compatible with cationics and non-ionics

Stability                                       :            Stable in the dyeing liquor with hard water, Acid, alkali and electrolyte.


  • High affinity to hydrolysis and improves soaping efficiency.
  • Excellent dispersibility and prevents the staining back to fiber.
  • Low sensitive to salt and hardwater and improves soaping process.
  • High soaping efficiency and improves fastness properties.
  • No effect on fabric shade Easily biodegradable.

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