Finocon DALP

Finocon DALP

FINOCON DALP is dispersing and levelling agent for disperse dyeing. It is a high performance combined dispersing and leveling agent designed to protect dye dispersion at high temperature and regulate dye migration into polyester fibers without retarding disperse dyes


Appearance                                         :           pale yellow Liquid

Ionic Nature                                        :           Anionic

pH  (1% solution )                               :           6.0  –  8.0

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C                         :           1.03 ±0.10


  • Dye Dispersion Stability
  • Eliminates the dye aggregation in dye bath even at 140oC and avoids dye spots
  • less surface deposition of unexhausted dye and hence improved fastness Levelling
  • Uniform dyeing
  • It helps compensate for lack of compatibility of dyes in mixtures used because of economy or particular fastness properties.
  • Improved ‘Right-First-Time’ dyeing and increased productivity.
  • No Retarding
  • Full shade and minimum loss of dye in bath
  • Oligomer dispersion
  • No unwanted deposition both on fabric and machine surface.
  • Provide dispersion stability for disperse dyes at high temperatures
  • Two functions in a single product
  • Improves migration of even the most difficult, high molecular size, disperse dyestuffs.
  • No restraining action on exhaustion of disperse dyes, full yields are obtained in deep shades.
  • Anionic Chemical nature ensures compatibility with all commonly used polyester dyeing auxiliaries.
  • No cloud point effect.
  • No carrier content, no formaldehyde content, no anti-foam content.
  • Low viscosity suitable for liquid dispensing.

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