Finocon FAMK

Finocon FAMK

A dyeing auxiliary for the continuous dyeing of fabric composed of cotton and polyester cotton blends. It prevents pigment migration and ensures good penetration and levelness.


Appearance                                         :           Pale brown viscous liquid


Finocon FAMK is pale brown, viscous liquid which dissolves in cold or warm water in all proportions when stirred vigorously. The product is not surface-active anf it does not foam. It improves the padding liquor stability, even in the presense of calcium and magnesium salts. As the product is not degraded by micro organism, the padding liquors can still be used several days after they have been prepared. When Finocon FAMK is used, there is hardly any soiling of the hotflue rollers. Whenever there is a colour change,  thehotflue merely has to be cleaned with a wet leader cloth. Finocon FAMK is compatible with all anionic and non-ionic wetting and dispersing agents. It does not hinder the development or the fixation of the dyes on the fabric, and it can readily removed from the goods by washing.


Finocon FAMK breaks the migration of dye particles in intermediate drying. Consequently, it eliminates listing and two-sidedness, and ensures good levelness in dyeing. The product develops its best efficiently at pH-8

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