Finocon Oximagic

Finocon Oximagic

High Performance Eco-friendly Oxidant for Development of Vat &Sulphur Dyes


Appearance                                        :           Clear colourless liquid

Ionic Nature                                    :            Non-ionic


  • High performance, Easy to use Oxidant for Vats and Sulphurs
  • Oxidation complete and Uniform.
  • Exhibits higher levels of brightness.
  • Exhibits good wash fastness, especially for sulphur dyes.
  • Does not cause Bronzing of shades.
  • Easy to wash off.
  • Excellent storage stability
  • Much lower BOD and COD values compared to conventional oxidizing agents
  • Reduces harshness on Sulphur Dyed goods.
  • Eco-friendly

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