Finocon RESA New

Finocon RESA New

An economical efficient Resist salt Substitute for printing & dyeing process.

FINOCON RESA NEWis an oxidizing agent that helps to prevent dyes from decomposing during dyeing and steam setting during printing. FINOCON RESA NEWcan be used in printing paste and dye bath of disperse dyes, reactive dyes. FINOCON RESA NEWcan be used as color inhibitors in vat dyes resist printing and scouring of yarn dyed fabrics dyed with vat dyes.


Appearance                                        :           Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid

Ionic Nature                                    :           Non-ionic


  • Prevent color change cause by reduction substance in dyeing and printing
  • Can be easily to use in dye bath and printing paste
  • Color inhibitors in vat dyes resist printing
  • Low foaming
  • Stable in hard water


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