Biotex NAHY

Biotex NAHY

BIOTEX NAHY is four time stronger replacement of sodium hydrosulphite, environment-friendly reducing agent widely used in textile dyeing and printing.


Appearance                                            :           White Powder

pH (1% solution)                                   :           4.0  –  6.0

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C               :           Not Applicable


  • Strong reducing powder, good substitute to sodium hydrosulfite
  • Friendly to environment
  • A new environment-protecting chemical which can be used in replacement of sodium It has better thermal stability and stronger reducing ability. Operation is simple and effective, and transportation and storage convenient.
  • Widely used to reduce dyes and sulfur dyes, and for bleaching wool and silk. Other uses include the reduction cleaning of disperse dyes, stripping undesirable colors from dyes, and in dye vat
  • It is also used in the paper industry as a bleaching
  • It is a white powder incapable of any oxidative or reductive action
  • It has a very stable storage
  • It is not hygroscopic and is absolutely free from deliquescence of
  • It does not generate heat when in contact with water or ignite under impact.
  • It does not emit obnoxious sulfurous gas like Sodium hydrosulfite.
  • Preparation of solution with BIOTEX NAHY is simplified since far less amount is required than with Sodium Hydrosulfite
  • It shows very high reduction potential in aqueous solution. Hence dyes difficult to reduce and decolorize with Sodium Hydrosulfite are possible with BIOTEX NAHY.,
  • Wool can be bleached to a high level of brightness with BIOTEX NAHY.
  • When using BIOTEX NAHY as a reducing agent in dyeing vat dyes, an ti-reducing agent is necessary for preventing excessive reduction of indanthrone based
  • There is no pollution associated with the use of BIOTEX NAHY.
  • It does good to the environment, not increase waste water pollution load, and conforms to the environmental protection requirements, save production

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