Finotreat EC / 100 P

Finotreat EC / 100 P

A Liquid reducing agent for clearing dyeing on polyester, polyacrylonitrile, cellulose acetate and their blends. Applied in the dyebath and most effective under acidic conditions. Replaces alkali clearing procedures thus providing productivity and environmental benefits.


Appearance                                 :           Colorlessliquid

pH  (1% solution )                       :           8.5 –  10.5


  • It has an excellent reductive effect in acidic dyebaths during the cooling stage, and is very suitable for removing unfixed disperse dyes from polyester (PES), wool, natural silk, Cellulose acetate and for decolorizing the dyebath.
  • It does not increase the tendency of polyester to release oligomers, a tendency that very much depends on the quality of the material. In the dyeing of yarn, when the dyebath is drained at high temperature, no increase in the amount of oligomers on the fibers is found.
  • It is readily biodegradable / eliminable
  • It is used to remove unfixed disperse dyes from freshly dyed polyester,polyacrylonitrile and cellulose acetate fibers, as well as from blends of polyester with polyacrylonitrile, wool, silk and cellulosic fibers. With blends containing elastane fibers, the suitability of the product must be verified in trials.
  • The product also destroys residual non-exhausted dye in the dyebath, together with loosely attached dye on the fabric.
  • It is highly effective in acid dye baths during the cooling stage.
  • As there is no need to add alkali to the dyebath or to the fresh clearing bath, or to acidify the polyester after the alkaline treatment, less time, energy, water and chemicals are required and the wastewater is much cleaner.


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