Finocon ADAP 100

Finocon ADAP 100

Highly effective concentrated soda ash substitute in powder form, for fixation of all types of Reactive & sulphur dyes on cellulosics, yarn, fibre & garments.


Appearance                                         :           White powder

Ionic Nature                                        :            Anionic

pH (1% solution)                                 :           10.0–  11.0


  • To be used 1/10 of soda ash quantity depending upon the class of reactive dyes and thus reducing the cost of dyeing.
  • Reduces effluent load and TDS by 80 % , so formation of sledge is also reduced
  • Gives good exhaustion with good colour yield on cellulosics
  • When compared to Soda Ash, unlevelling problem shall be minimized in tough shades.
  • Does not impair fastness properties on the dyeings
  • For neutralization, acid consumption is reduced upto 50 – 60 %.
  • Suitable for dyeing in all types of m/c and substrate form

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