Finox LEC 10

Finox LEC 10

Finox LEC 10  Lycra Protector (Anti Breaking Agent) is special modified emulsion applied also for anti slipping finishing, for anti-pilling and for anti-breaking for viscose, wool, synthetic fiber and nature fiber, improve sewing strength, It is used as Lycra protector to prevent shrinkage and breaking of spandex fiber.



Appearance                             :           Milky whiteemulsion

Ionic Nature                          :           Cationic

pH (1% solution)                   :           4.0  –  6.0


  • It can improve fabrics, anti-slipping and abrasion resistanceproperty;
  • Very little influence to whiteness and colorshade;
  • It is self cross linking, good hand feeling, and formaldehydefree;
  • Good compatibility with otherauxiliaries.

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