Finopret ZF

Finopret ZF

Zero formaldehyde reactive resin for easy-care finishes


Appearance                                        :           Pale yellow liquid

pH  ( 1% solution )                            :           4.0  –  5.0

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C            :           1.1  ± 0.10


  • It is a modified dimethyl dihydroxy ethylene urea resin finishing of woven and knitted cellulose fibers and their
  • It is applied by normal dry cross-linking methods on
  • It gives zero formaldehyde levels on the treated
  • It provides wash-and-wear effects durable to washing up to the boil
  • Provides chlorine resistant finishing
  • It is compatible with most additives used in textile finishing
  • Minimizes tendency to yellow
  • Delivers excellent crease recovery and shrinkage control
  • It can be used with fluorochemical based water repellents
  • Because of high reactivity, an increase of stenter frame speed is possible for 10%


  • Ensure the fabric is well prepared, neutralised correctly and has not been treated with formaldehyde-containing products such as cationic dye fixing agents in the preceding
  • For optimum results the resin should be applied at pH 6-7


In order to achieve optimum curing the fabric should be hydrophilic and free from alkali. The amount of FINOPRET ZFR required is first diluted in water, the additives are added and then the bath is set to pH 4-5 and made up to final volume with water.