Finostat 20 /Conc / Finolose TM2803

Finostat 20 /Conc / Finolose TM2803

FINOSTAT 20 is water-soluble antistatic softener for all kinds of synthetic fibers. balanced product which takes care of static problems, lubricity, cohesion etc.


Appearance                                    :           Pale yellow liquid

Ionic Nature                                   :           Non -Ionic

pH  (1% solution)                        :           7.0  –  8.0


• Static protection
• More leveled fabrics.
• Improvement in fiber-to-fiber cohesion and fiber to metal lubricity.
• It provides the processed fibers with a dry scroopy handle.
•  It dissipates static charge and prevents ugly shocks on the finishing trolleys.
• It has strong oligomer binding property.

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