Finozyme BIO SR 100

Finozyme BIO SR 100

FINOZYME BIO SR 100 is a concentrated neutral cellulase enzyme product for textile bio- finishing in mills & laundries. This unique neutral cellulase sets the new standard for surface fibrillation quality and overall customer value. It gives superior fabric and garment cleanup under neutralPH condition in all types of processing equipments.


Appearance                                       :            Brown

PowderChemicalNature                :           Neutralcellulaseenzyme


  • Process Simplicity :- No pH adjustments. It works optimally over the entire range of potential incoming process water pH Typically no time is necessary to adding pH adjustment Chemicals.
  • Combined dyeing & finishing :- The ability of this enzyme to perform fabric cleanup under neutral PH allows the possibility to combine dyeing and bio -finishing in a single bath . This reduces processing time and enables increased production output.
  • Increased dye uptake:-Finishing with FINOZYME BIO SR 100 results in exceptionally clean fabric surface , either reducing the use of dye to achieve desired shade , or the same amount ofdye to increase dye shade intensity.
  • Consistent garment quality:-It gives reproducible garment look and feel even under moderate variation in processing pH , temperature and time .
    This product can provide the process robustness required to minimize time consuming and costly garment rework.
  • High colour retention :-Finishing garment with this enzyme results in higher colour retention when compared to traditional cellulase processing.
  • Increased colour brilliance:- The reduction in surface fuzz increases the visual brilliance of dyes fabrics.

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