Finolose TM 2803

Finolose TM 2803

Its fabric conditioner imparts durable soil release & anti-soil re-disposition properties to 100%polyester, nylon & its blends.


Appearance                                        :           Milky Viscous liquid

Ionic Nature                                       :           Non –Ionic

pH of 1% solution (By meter)            :           4.0  –  6.0

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C             :           1.03 ± 0.10


  • It improves initial antistatic finishing on polyester, nylon fabric under a variety of application conditions.
  • It may be applied before, during or after dyeing. It may be used with disperse & cationic dyes or combination
  • Remarkably improved moisture transport (water absorption & wicking) is obtained with fabric treated with FINOLOSE TM
  • It enhances the wearability & ease of care of career apparel & active sportswear. Discomfort of fabric clinging to skin & the dust attracting properties of fabric are overcome. Easy laundering is obtained due to excellent soil release & desoiling Treated curtains & underwear stay white wash after wash. Over the counter home sewing yard goods finished with FINOLOSE TM 2803 offer easy oily soil release reduced redeposition & greater ease of sewing.

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