Finox UVP

Finox UVP

It is highly efficient UV absorber to process polyester textile goods selected for the automotive industry.


Appearance                                        :            Yellowish, aqueous dispersion

Ionic nature                                       :            Anionic

Solubility                                              :            Soluble in water


  • It improves the hot light fastness of polyester dyeings with disperse dyes for the automotive industry which already have good light fastness.
  • It reduces fibre damage due to photochemical degradation.
  • It has a very good dispersion stability and is therefore particularly suitable for exhaust dyeing.
  • It has little self-colour and therefore has virtually no influence on the shade of dyeings.
  • It improves the light fastness of disperse dyes in general.
  • It improves the light fastness of dispersed dyes submitted to the test of the automotive industry.

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