FINOX TTRW is a low – foaming specialty softening agent which imparts a very supple, soft feel and lubricity to cellulosic & synthetics. It also significantly increases overall softness and abrasion resistance when applied to woolen fabrics.



Appearance : Creamish color liquid

Ionic Nature : Mildly Cationic

pH (1% solution) : 4.0 – 6.0

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C : Not applicable



  • It gives a silky soft and flowing handle, without impairing water absorbency, to the finished fabric and is particularly suited to toweling, bed-linen, knitted sportswear, hosiery and underwear.
  • It has flow foaming tendency and is therefore ideal for application in circulating machines like jet and high speed winch.
  • Confers an exclusive full and soft natural feel and improves abrasion resistance of wool and wool blends, increasing fabric tear resistance and durability.
  • Shows good resistance to yellowing of whites and dulling of bright colours even when finished goods are subjected to heat treatment or prolonged storage.
  • Particularly suitable as a garment finish and can be applied easily by allowing the garment to soak in an aqueous dispersion of FINOX TTRW

(in a bucket, tank, or washing machine) followed by squeezing / spin-drying and ironing.


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