Bioguard Zero

Bioguard Zero

Bioguard ZERO is a fluoro free hydrophobic agent for generating water repellency, rainproof finishing on mainly cellulosic fibers and their blends with synthetic based fibers


  • Bioguard ZERO  has good compatibilities with other textile auxiliaries.
  • Bioguard ZERO  displays low sensitivity to residues on the goods.
  • Bioguard ZERO  offers highest durability performance.
  • Bioguard ZERO   is not supplying oil repellent effects.
  • Bioguard ZERO   is excellently biodegradable:  > 90% (28 d, DOC decrease) ;  Method: OECD Test Guideline 302B


Appearance :               liquid, White dispersion

Composition:               Dispersion of fat-modified compounds and paraffin

Ionicity:                       Weakly cationic

pH (5% aq.)                 About 5

Density                        About 1.00 g/cm³

Flash point                  >100℃

Dilutability                  Miscible in all proportions with (cold) water

Compatibility with other finishing products : Compatible with numerous crosslinking agents, catalysts, softeners and other textile auxiliaries.Preliminary trials should in principle be carried out.

Thermo migration         the product has some tendency to thermo migration, therefore the pre-trials are recommended for polyester.

Biodegradabality        >90 % (28d, DOC decrease);

Method: OECD Test Guideline 302B

Storage Can be kept for at least 6 months if stored correctly (between 5°C and 40°C).

NOTE:  For any application related or technical query about the product, kindly contact our technical team on [email protected]