Finox WPAR

Finox WPAR

FINOX WPA-R is a stabilized paraffin wax emulsion that imparts a smooth and soft feel to cellulosic with improvement in surface lustre. It is also an effective two-bath waterproofing agent for cellulosic, silk and woollen fabrics.


Appearance                          :            Yellowish, aqueous dispersion

Ionic nature                          :            Anionic

Solubility                                 :            Soluble in water


  • Possesses excellent softening properties for cotton and rayon textiles
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with other nonionic/anionic handle modifying agents to produce a range of supple/soft finished effects with good pliability and lustre
  • Can be used for water-proofing cotton, linen, wool, silk and all types of rayons by a two-bath method in conjuction with Aluminum acetate.

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