Finocon MED

Finocon MED

FINOCON MED is an additive for reducing back staining in desizing and cellulase abrasion process. It can be used for both wetting and dispersing in desize, abrasion and clean up, after enzymatic abrasion / bleaching.


Appearance                                         :           White to off white crystalline powder

Ionic Nature                                        :           Non –Ionic

pH  (1% solution)                                :           5.0  –  6.0

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C             :           Not Applicable


  • It has an excellent dispersing and anti re-deposition properties minimizing staining of pocketing and labels and keeping filling
  • The dispersing properties of FINOCON MED minimizes likelihood of agglomeration, scaling and re-deposition of process / solubilized contaminants.
  • It is compatible with a-amylase and cellulase enzymes in garment process
  • It can be used as both wetting and dispersing in desize, abrasion and clean up after enzymatic abrasion / bleaching.

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