FINOCON TDX is a high performance, low foaming, high temperature stable acid buffer for disperse dyeing of polyester & its blends. Its synergetic association of organic acids allows a perfect adjusting of the desired pH during the whole process of dyeing. It is an unique acid buffer capable of neutralising alkali present at the core of the fiber / fabric during the alkaline treatment at various stages of wet-processing.


Appearance                                           :               Colorless liquid

Ionic Nature                                        :           Anionic

pH (1% solution )                                :           3.0  –  4.0

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C          :           1.13 ± 0.10


APs & APEOs free
• Biodegradable
• Low BOD & COD
• Non-volatile
• No pungent odour as in the case of acetic acid
• Powerful acid buffer, stable over wide range of temperature.
• Ensures & maintains constant pH and is highly robust. Retains its efficiency even at elevated temperatures encountered during dyeing / print fixation of Disperse dyes on polyester.
• It enables use of those disperse dyes which are sensitive to alkali or reduction.
• It improves shade consistency and does not affect brightness.
• Does not affect handle and tone of the dyed / printed fabrics during finishing.
• Can be used as Acetic acid substitute during optical brightening of polyester fabrics owing to its non-volatile nature; so also during finishing of synthetic fibres.
• Due to its high penetrating & strong neutralizing property, it can be used to neutralize cotton woven/ knitted fabrics after scouring & bleaching, ready for dyeing.
• It is advantages to use FINOCON TDX for neutralizing cotton fabrics after mercerization to take care of alkali entrapped after washing.
• It can be used to neutralize cotton fabrics/ cheeses after dyeing with reactiveand vat dyes which needs caustic soda and soda ash.
• It is an exclusive acid donar while dyeing nylon fibre/fabric with acid and metal complex dyes.
• No fabric yellowing during drying of cotton fabrics on drying range or stenter after scouring & bleaching due to core alkali neutralization.
• Ideally suited for neutralizing after mercerization of Denims & suiting’s made up of very cores yarns

NOTE: The information provided in TDS is correct to the best of our knowledge and information process and recipe recommended is merely a guideline. Customers are request to optimize the dosage and process as per their specific need.