Finozyme ALFA 50

Finozyme ALFA 50

FINOZYME ALFA 50  is highly effective; high temperature; stable; bio-degradable desizing enzyme in liquid form for woven cotton and garments. It is suitable for exhaust, pad – batch and pad – steam method of desizing for continuous process.


Appearance                                         :           Pale yellow Liquid

Ionic nature                                         :           Non –Ionic

pH  (1% solution )                              :           6.0  –  8.0

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C            :           1.10 ± 0.10


  • Effectively removes natural sizes
  • Ensures uniform removal of natural starches
  • Suitable for exhaust, pad hot batch and pad steam applications
  • Stable to live steam
  • Bio-degradable
  • Stable to hard water. Stable to non-ionic surfactants

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