Finocon 4X / X55

Finocon 4X / X55

FINOCON4Xis a non-foaming, specially developed auxiliary for pretreatment of textiles. It has effective, degreasing, wetting, stain removal and detergency action giving a very cleanfiber/fabric. It also serves as a machine cleaning agent. Aversatile product for one bath scouring and bleaching of cotton woven and hosiery fabric, scouring aid for wool and specialty product for combined scouring dyeing of cotton & polyester fiber, yarn and fabric.



Appearance                                         :           Clear colorless Liquid

Ionic Nature                                       :           Non –Ionic

pH  (1% solution )                                          :           7.5  –  8.5

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C                      :           0.96 ±0.10


  • CombinedScouringanddyeingofPolyester/Cotton
  • It is a specially developed scouring agent which can be incorporated during thedyeing of polyester/cottonfiber and yarn.
  • It is effective degreasing agent and detergent which is stable under normal dispersesd yeing conditions.
  • Due to its unique chemical composition, the spinoil residues are removed completely as well asthe insoluble impurities are kept in fine dispersion which can be easily discharged at the end ofdyeing.Thisresultsintoshorterprocesswithbrightershadesandbetterspin ability.

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