Finocon L.D.Paste

Finocon L.D.Paste

FINOCON LD PASTE is a versatile detergent with powerful wetting and dispersing properties. It is eminently suitable for scouring, kier-boiling, and post-dyeing soaping treatment for all fibres, especially for all wool and polyester/wool blends.

FINOCON L.D. Paste combines efficiency with powerful emulsification properties for mineral oil, vegetable oil, and fats. It has therefore been found particularly valuable and effective in the woollen and worsted industry in scouring and preparation processes for Raw wool, Worsted and Woollen yarns and fabrics, Carpet yarns Knitted webbing, Hose and garments: and for Milling of Woollen fabrics.


Appearance                                    :           Yellowish paste

pH (1% solution )                    :          7.0  –  9.0

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C        :          1.10 ±0.10


  • It is a highly efficient scouring and kier-boiling detergent for cotton goods.
  • It is an exclusive scouring and milling assistant for premium soft and lustrous wools.
  • It assists wetting and penetration during bleaching of cellulosics.
  • It is widely used in the scouring of synthetics and blends.
  • It is an excellent washing-off / ‘soaping’ agent for reactive /azoic dyed goods.

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