Finocon SM Conc

Finocon SM Conc

FINOCON SM CONC is a low-foaming high performance detergent, wetting agent (APEO-free) designed for the preparation of cotton, synthetic, and blended fabrics particularly in high- turbulence equipment such as winch, soft-flow, jet and package dyeing machines as well as in continuous processing systems.


Appearance            :           Clear colorless viscous Liquid

Ionic Nature                    :           Non –Ionic

pH of 1% solution (By meter)          :           6.0  –  8.0

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C         :           1.10 ±0.10

  • Has excellent emulsifying and soil-suspending properties with sustained low foam character throughout heating, cooling and rinsing cycles
  • It is a concentrated product for uniform extraction of oils and waxes at low levels of application.
  • Possesses very high detergent action which ensures rapid removal of synthetic sizing agents and spinning oils from polyester and polyamide based fabrics.
  • Eliminutesates the need for defoamers/antifoaminutesg agents; these are generally temperature- sensitive and tend to disintegrate under high –turbulence conditions.
  • It is stable to hard water, acids and oxidising agents, and in caustic alkali up to caustic soda concentrations of 50 g/l.

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