Finobind AQBD

Finobind AQBD


Acrylate based aqueous dispersion for coating application with transparent and flexible film properties. Suitable for paste & coating applications with soft handle and possesses good all-round fastness properties.


Appearance                                    :           Slightly viscous liquid

Ionic Nature                                   :           Non – ionic

pH ( 1% solution )                          :           7.0  –  9.0

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C        :           1.48 ± 0.10

Glass transition Temperature (Tg) :           Between  -15°C to – 20°C


  • FINOBIND AQBD is best suitable for paste coating applications.
  • It does not have much influence on the viscosity of synthetic thickeners.
  • It can be used in conjunction with FINOBIND AQBD types of aqueous coating systems and the paste has very good running properties.
  • FINOBIND AQBD exhibits a transparent and soft handle, yet non-tacky film with very good adhesion properties, thus making it suitable for wide range of applications, such   as
    • Flocking
    • Black out / Dim out
    • Denim Coating
    • Back coating, etc
  • FINOBIND AQBD can be used in pigment printing paste to improve crock fastness & colour fastness/Wash durability.

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