Finoprint KBI / FW New

Finoprint KBI / FW New

FINOPRINT KBI is a specialty antifrothing, wetting and penetrating agent for use in printing  pastes to improve print levelness, definition and colour yield.


Appearance                                           :    Amber coloured liquid.

Ionic nature                                          :   Anionic


    • Is a high performance wetting agent with excellent penetration properties and low foaming character for a variety of textile printing pastes.
    • Gives superior printing results, particularly on fabrics which have low penetrability.
    • Controls frothing in long runs on roller or rotary-screen printing machines where other wetters and penetrants cause undesirable foam generation.
  • Is a useful additive in Reactive/Vat dyeing processes, especially in yarn or piece-dyeing and  continuous pad application.

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