Finofix NF

Finofix NF

A New age Cross-Linking and Fixing Agent for Pigment Printing, it is finely crafted and    designed with intelligent chemistry. .It is suitable to the current needs where in everything is in demand for Eco-Friendliness.  It is 100% free from Formaldehyde .


Appearance                                         :           Milky liquid

Ionic Nature                                        :           Non -Ionic

pH  ( 1% solution)                              :           5.5  –  7.5

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C            :           1.10 ± 0.10


  • 100% Free Formaldehyde
  • It gives Excellent wet rubbing Fastness of
  • Adds to color value and
  • Increases the durability for washing and dry
  • No Impact on Viscosity
  • It has excellent properties to enhance rubbing fastness and even adds to the color value

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