Finogal R

Finogal R

Finogal R is a mild oxidizing agent widely used as a safeguard against the reduction of dyes

In alkaline print pastes and in closed dyeing systems where reduction condition may occure. It is also used in boiling/scouring of coloured border piece goods.


Appearance                                   :       Off- white powder

Ionic Nature                                 :        Anionic


  • Is recommended for use in all print pastes whichmay be alkaline, containing dyes sensitive toreducing action.
  • May be used in cellulosic dyeing where reduction islikely to occur, i.e.when dyeing cellulose(particularlyviscose) as or above the boil in closed machineryand in pad-steam dyeing.
  • By virtue of its preferential oxidation it may beadded as a precautionary measure against dyereduction during kier boiling/mercerizing ofcoloured- border goods.
  • Should not be used when printing nylon or withacid dyes.

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