Finox RSN 305

Finox RSN 305


FINOX RSN 305 is a new generation amino silicone softener which imparts a soft handle andimproveselasticityincottonhosiery,polyester,polyester-cellulosicblends,allwool&polyesterwool blends and also can be used as a softener for pigment printing.


Appearance                                         :           Colorless liquid

Ionic Nature                                        :           Non –Ionic

pH (1% solution )                                :           4.0  –  6.0

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C             :           1.0 ±0.10


  • Givesexcellentsoftnessoninnersurface,stretchandhighdimensionalrecoveryin cottonhosiery and cotton based fabrics.
  • Imparts a soft feel in polyester and polywool fabrics.
  • Improves fabrics resilience and enhances crease- resistance thereby significantly reducing wringing during washing to provide easy-care benefits to the garment user
  • A specialsoftener for pigment printing imparting softness & avoiding harsh feel.

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