Biocon DI

Biocon DI

Digital printing pre-treatment agent.


Appearance                                   :           Liquid

Chemical                                       :           A blend of Acrylic polymers

Ionicity                                          :           Anionic


  • BIOCON DI is a high quality pretreatment additive developed to be added to the padding dye bath for pre treating cellulosic and proteinic garments before inkjet
  • BIOCON DI is a low viscosity pretreatment agent, thus easy to handle by the During the drying process BIOCON DI prevents the migration of dyestuffs across the Fabric and results more uniform printing
  • BIOCON DI is compatible with all auxiliaries commonly used in digital pretreatment, it stabilize the pad dye
  • BIOCON DI is soluble in water and can be removed easily from fabric with an aqueous It does not leave any deposits on the stenter guides or drying cylinders.

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