Finothick RDHT2A

Finothick RDHT2A

Synthetic thickener for reactive printing. highly concentrated polyacrylate based synthetic thickener, suitable for reactive printing on  cotton, rayon/Viscose ,knits & towels.

Appearance                             :           Yellow to brownish liquid

Ionic Nature                           :           Anionic

pH  (1% solution )                  :           6.0  –  8.0

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C :          Not Applicable


  • Extremely high efficiency, very easy to use, very quick paste forming
  • No offensive smell, trouble-free, no screen choking problem
  • Stable viscosity in printing paste, paste dosage 4%~5% only
  • Excellent color yield, good penetration of the prints
  • Easy wash-off, minimum influence to the original touch of fabrics
  • APs & APEOs free.
  • Comply with OEKÖ -TEX standard 100

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