Finoprint LCK

Finoprint LCK


  BIOPRINT LCK ready paste from imported rutile grade Titanium dioxide. Soft and fast ready khadi  for synthetic / cotton fabrics.


Appearance                                   :           White Paste

pH ( 1% solution )                         :           7.0  –  9.0

Specific Gravity 250C – 30 0C       :           1.10± 0.10


  • It gives excellent fastness and
  • No need of catalyst like DAP or LCP.
  • No need of fixer on cotton Even on synthetic fabric it gives very good fastness without fixer.
  • In case of cotton even without curing very good fastness is
  • It can dilute with Kerosene emulsion (without Binder) or Kerosene substitute thickener in order to reduce the cost depending on the ground color.
  • It is supplied in working viscosity. Still viscosity can be adjusted with 1 to 2 % liquor ammonia (if more viscosity is required) or with few drops of acetic (if less viscosity is required).
  • Snow white, non cracky, and very soft effect of Khadi on cotton as well as synthetic f

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